Snowpocalypse Walk

Snwozilla Jones dropped something like 21" of snow in Philadelphia, between Friday night to Saturday night. The following photos were taken during a walk in my South Philly neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. 

Although my camera sort of froze (?) and I couldn't capture this, my favorite part was the difference between hurried, worried, and cold adults verses super joyous children holding spare snowballs (just in case) and trying to slow down the going-home process as best as they knew how. There were some adult children who started snowball fights. Those were my second favorite.

Any-who, happy after snow storm week and never forget the kid inside you!

Mountains of snow by a doorway. 

Rooftop view from South Philadelphia. 

Wilder Street, between 6th and 7th. 

Dee cleaning her South Philly sidewalk area. 

Snow that made it through a glass screen door.

A car that made it out from their parking spot, but then got stuck in the street, where it was left for a long while with no way out.

Passyunk Market remained open through the storm.

CVS also remained open through the storm. Luckily because of this, I was able to get myself some movie-watching ice cream for later.

Reed street, between 7th and 8th.

People emerged from home to begin the day-long process of shoveling out cars. 

This pretty much summarizes most streets in South Philly right now. This one is Dickinson, between 9th and 10th.

My block on Wilder St. in South Philly, where I definitely did not almost drop my camera from the roof. Definitely2 not me.