Following the Light in Boston

My husband and I came back from a week's stay in Melrose MA, right outside of Boston. We were there for a self-improvement seminar called Insight II. This seminar is by far the best investment I've spent. I learned how to live the life I love. I highly recommend this to everyone:   

Since we were so close to Boston, we decided to spent a couple of days exploring there. I LOVE how many green spaces and parks there are in Boston. Also, the bike share system, Hubway, was pretty badass. We were able to get around the entire city for $6/person for the whole day. All we had to do was make sure to dock our bikes at a dock station every half hour for a minute, then take them back out again. There are tons of these stations so it was never difficult to find one. 

In spirit of the seminar, I decided to pay more attention to my surroundings and personally connect with them, rather than burry my face behind the camera and try to capture as much of Boston as possible. So I made a little game for myself. 

Whatever photo I took, I'd only take if it stood out to me because it was illuminated by some dramatic light. And only a couple of photos of the same subject. That's it. Here is the outcome of my game and a little memoir of my trip. 

Boston follow the light-8.jpg