Wing Bowl Slideshow 2016

So, there's really not much to say about this one. Thousands of people gather to drink and to watch pretty girls and people eating chicken wings in Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center. To some, it's like that one annual ball that they've waited for since last February. For others, it's a confusing time, full of perplexing questions such as "How did I end up here, why am I black out drunk at 6am, and who am I? Who are you? No, but for real, where am I?!?" 

I shot this for the Philadelphia Metro and here is the link to the full story: 

Enjoy the following photos of this craziness. Warning, there is a shot of someone throwing up. It's gross, I know, but part of the experience. 

Snowpocalypse Walk

Snwozilla Jones dropped something like 21" of snow in Philadelphia, between Friday night to Saturday night. The following photos were taken during a walk in my South Philly neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. 

Although my camera sort of froze (?) and I couldn't capture this, my favorite part was the difference between hurried, worried, and cold adults verses super joyous children holding spare snowballs (just in case) and trying to slow down the going-home process as best as they knew how. There were some adult children who started snowball fights. Those were my second favorite.

Any-who, happy after snow storm week and never forget the kid inside you!

Mountains of snow by a doorway. 

Rooftop view from South Philadelphia. 

Wilder Street, between 6th and 7th. 

Dee cleaning her South Philly sidewalk area. 

Snow that made it through a glass screen door.

A car that made it out from their parking spot, but then got stuck in the street, where it was left for a long while with no way out.

Passyunk Market remained open through the storm.

CVS also remained open through the storm. Luckily because of this, I was able to get myself some movie-watching ice cream for later.

Reed street, between 7th and 8th.

People emerged from home to begin the day-long process of shoveling out cars. 

This pretty much summarizes most streets in South Philly right now. This one is Dickinson, between 9th and 10th.

My block on Wilder St. in South Philly, where I definitely did not almost drop my camera from the roof. Definitely2 not me. 

Tina's Scene Day

I had the pleasure of witnessing one of my closest friends on stage, performing a scene with her theatre group partner at West Chester Studio Center for Performing and Fine Arts over the weekend.

She was amazing! She made me laugh, want to cry, and ponder. The entirety of her scene took place in a staged bedroom, where a husband and a wife were having an intense fight. The fight began after her husband realized his wife had already told their mutual friends about their soon to be divorce. Then, Tina (the wife) fought back annoyed, hurt, and angry that he was focusing on that detail when they had bigger problems on their hands. It perfectly summarized one of those passionate I hate you/I love you relationships. Proud of you Tinabina! 

tina scene day014.jpg
tina scene day019.jpg


This is me dressed and ready to meet some bees. In the back of Mount Moriah Cemetary, Don Shump, with Philadelphia Bee Co., holds high school lessons on beekeeping and the life of bees. I got to spend some time with him and his students for an upcoming Philadelphia City Paper story. 

This is what I learned about these fuzzy little guys. First, the pitch of their buzzing gets higher when they are aggravated and ready to attack or defend. Second, if you wear dark and/or fuzzy clothes, like wool sweaters, they won't be your friends. You'll be mimicking bears, which eat their honey and can damage their hives.  Third, if you get bitten on the nose, it will feel like getting punched in the face square on (this did not happen to me thanks to my little net). 

More photos to come with the story in a couple of week! 

Photo by Jenn Ladd (Philadelphia City Paper Food Editor) 

Photo by Jenn Ladd (Philadelphia City Paper Food Editor) 

Following the Light in Boston

My husband and I came back from a week's stay in Melrose MA, right outside of Boston. We were there for a self-improvement seminar called Insight II. This seminar is by far the best investment I've spent. I learned how to live the life I love. I highly recommend this to everyone:   

Since we were so close to Boston, we decided to spent a couple of days exploring there. I LOVE how many green spaces and parks there are in Boston. Also, the bike share system, Hubway, was pretty badass. We were able to get around the entire city for $6/person for the whole day. All we had to do was make sure to dock our bikes at a dock station every half hour for a minute, then take them back out again. There are tons of these stations so it was never difficult to find one. 

In spirit of the seminar, I decided to pay more attention to my surroundings and personally connect with them, rather than burry my face behind the camera and try to capture as much of Boston as possible. So I made a little game for myself. 

Whatever photo I took, I'd only take if it stood out to me because it was illuminated by some dramatic light. And only a couple of photos of the same subject. That's it. Here is the outcome of my game and a little memoir of my trip. 

Boston follow the light-8.jpg